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29 June 2010

LP® FlameBlock™ featured at National Architects Convention

LP® FlameBlock™ Fire-Rated OSB was featured by LP Building Products at the National AIA (American Institute of Architects) Convention in Miami in early June.

FlameBlock™ was featured in two different wall constructions - one ads a component of an exterior fire-rated wall for houses and buildings in areas prone to wildfire, and one as a component in external walls for Type III-A construction (the latter construction utilizing two-side-coated FlameBlock™).

The Type III-A wall assembly was of particular interest to architects who are building multi-story wood-frame commercial buildings such as hotel-motel, senior living facilities, student housing and related multi-occupancy or mixed-use buildings. This wall assembly is listed by Underwriters' Labs (UL) as its U349 wall assembly. Using FlameBlock™ in this manner obviates the need for a double-layer of gypsum wallboard on the outside face of the wall, saving builders considerable time and money in the construction process. A 400,000 square-foot structure featuring this construction is currently being built on the U.S. East Coast...keep your eye out on the blog for further information.

The exterior wall for wildfire zones also included LP® Smart Side sheathing; earlier this year, FlameBlock™ passed the California 12-7A-1 burn test for high risk fire zones.

Architects, designers or builders of residential, commercial and hospitality properties are encouraged to contact Barrier or LP® Building Products for information on how to save time and money using FlameBlock™ in fire-rated wall assemblies.


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