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06 January 2012

Continued Growth in Multifamily in 2012 is Forecasted

An article was just posted on Multi-Housing News On-Line and it sounds like good news for the multifamily sector in 2012.

Last year, multifamily lead the commercial real estate property growth as homeowners turned toward renting vs. buying as people struggled to qualify for financing.

This coming year, the outlook remains positive for growth in the multifamily segment. The vacancy levels in this market are predicted to continue to drop and financing requirements remain more stringent...both signs that people will opt for alternatives to owning a single family home.

Barrier offers a top of the line choice to help meet fire codes in multifamily applications. We are excited to see what 2012 brings for sales growth opportunities.

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Location: Watkins, Minnesota, United States

Barrier develops, manufactures, and markets proprietary fire resistant building materials designed to help protect people and property from the destruction of fire. Barrier's award-winning Blazeguard® structural wood panels exceed International Building Code requirements in every targeted fire test and application. Blazeguard® is coated with Barrier's patented, non-toxic, non-combustible Pyrotite formulation, which releases water when exposed to the heat of fire.