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30 June 2009

Modular, SIPs & Blazeguard: A Winning Combination

At the Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA) Annual Conference this past April outside Chicago, Charles Bevier, editor of Building Systems Magazine ( gave a presentation on the crossover between Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) building systems and modular buildings. According to Bevier, this crossover is not only beginning to happen in the mraketplace, it promises to grow in the near-term future.

This trend is something Barrier has also seen in current quotes and project leads crossing our desks and coming to us via the Internet.

As Bevier pointed out, SIPs -- "pre-formed" panels made by sandwiching solid foam-core plastic betwen OSB boards -- offer an excellent modular construction component. Since the panels are made in the factory, when they hit a modular building site (factory or sometimes on-site for assembly), SIPs are simply set in place and "locked in" to form the core of a structure.

SIPs will also benefit from the new 2009 Energy Code being enacted, Bevier pointed out, a code calling for 15% greater energy efficiency in roof and wall panels.

Barrier sees a growing role for Blazeguard as a coating to SIP panels being used in modular construction. With Blazeguard on either - or both - the outside or inside face of a SIP panel, builders and building owners save considerable time and expense not only constructing their buildings (no extra labor step needed to install insulation or fire-proofing such as gypsum wall board), but the resulting structure contains walls and roofs that are increasingly energy efficient, cost less to build (installed cost) and can be built in a factory or delivered to a job-site in a shorter time frame.

Blazeguard is thus a perfect complimentary product for two growing and increasingly intersecting building methods - SIPs and modular construction. Keep an eye on our blog and website for future news along these lines as Barrrier draws on its experience both within the modular building industry/MBI and as part of the Structural Insulated Panel Association.

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