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08 January 2008

Texas - more wildfire damage than California?

FS-World magazine recently released an interesting article on wildfires in Texas. Officials are warning that Texas could soon surpass California in wildfire damage. Texas - from the Gulf Coast to the Panhandle - is in the midst of a high risk fire season. Heavy summer rains produced vast amounts of grass that have since died/dried over the winter and will provide significant fuel.

According to the Texas Forest Service, there are currently over 35 counties in Texas that are under Red Flag Warnings as the conditions for wildfires are prime (strong cold fronts and gusty winds moving in). There are 153 counties with burning bans in place and 5 counties with disaster declarations. Officials warn this season could exceed the 2005-06 disaster that claimed 19 lives, 734 homes, and over 2 million acres.

Barrier has identified Texas as a region that can benefit extensively from Blazeguard and Pyrotite technology in both multifamily residential roof deck construction and commercial modular applications. We currently ship Mule-Hide FR Deck Panel into the region for commercial modular construction. Finding a sales representative for the residential roof deck market is a priority over the next six months. Feel free to contact us if you're interested.Fire-rated sheathing, town homes, multi-family construction, housing market, small cap, otcbb, ibtgf, barrier, blazeguard, mycoguard, fire-rated paint, intumescent paint, mold, mildew, fire-retardant plywood, frt, sips, structurally insulative panels, fire-rated wall assemblies, commercial modular, modular home construction, green building products, LEED, control room, electrical panel backer board


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Barrier develops, manufactures, and markets proprietary fire resistant building materials designed to help protect people and property from the destruction of fire. Barrier's award-winning BlazeguardĀ® structural wood panels exceed International Building Code requirements in every targeted fire test and application. BlazeguardĀ® is coated with Barrier's patented, non-toxic, non-combustible Pyrotite formulation, which releases water when exposed to the heat of fire.