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22 October 2007

Deadly Wildfire In Southern California

Over the weekend, more than a dozen wildfires have engulfed Southern California - killing one, injuring dozens, forcing thousands out of their homes, and causing already more than "double digit" millions in damages. The blaze is zero percent contained at this point, due to high winds. It is expected to continue burning for several more days. At that point, thousands of homes will have been threatened.

Blazeguard Fire-Rated Sheathing is now an approved option under the recently adopted California Building Code for use in multi-family roof deck applications. Blazeguard releases water upon the heat of the fire to cool the surface and curtails the development and spread of fire. Blazeguard was designed to protect people and property from fire.Fire-rated sheathing, town homes, multi-family construction, housing market, small cap, otcbb, ibtgf, barrier, blazeguard, mycoguard, fire-rated paint, intumescent paint, mold, mildew, fire-retardant plywood, frt, sips, structurally insulative panels, fire-rated wall assemblies, commercial modular, modular home construction, green building products, LEED,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Company releases have emphasized the growth in mult-dwelling units and the tremendous slow down in single family units- will the tragedy of the California fires with more than 1700 single homes consumed to date along with much more damage to the California homeowners' and builders' psyche result in a tremedous surge in interest and orders for Blazeguard products and exponential increase in revenues and profits- can IBTF keep up with a significant increase in demand if need be?

What do you think? Has the tragedy of this "firestorm" been the stimulus for the awareness and adoption of the Blazeguard products for panels for single units and the pyrotite paints and coatings?

Will other areas of the country race to adopt the new California building standards for fire protection?

3:21 AM, October 24, 2007  
Blogger Barrier said...

The additional capacity generated from the new manufacturing line has positioned Barrier well to handle growth from new regions and new applications not only in the current year, but for the growth anticipated over the next several years.

With the whole country watching the unfortunate tragedy in Southern California, it is likely additional attention on fire protection will be in place as homes are rebuilt. The code currently drives where addition fire resistance is required. It is too early to tell if any changes will be made to the code requirements for single family homes. Our manufactured products and field applied coatings are traditionally found in multifamily, public, and commercial modular construction . We are however, focused on completion of R&D testing for use in wall assemblies which could be used in both multi-family and single family residential structures.

The International Building Code requirements that California recently adopted were actually available and adopted by many states several years ago. From our understanding the delay in the adoption of the code for California was to ensure the requirements were appropriate for California due to the frequency of wild fires.

Our sales representative in Southern California, Wayne Crutchfield, is focusing on presenting Blazeguard to those individuals who specify the products used to meet the additional fire requirements. These folks are the architects, the specifying engineers, the code officials, and then the end users - the builders themselves.

With the additional production capacity, distribution channels - with inventory, and the diligence of our sales staff to educate the decision makers prior to the effective date of new codes, we have laid the ground work to successfully enter a market that needs solutions to fire resistance.

4:24 PM, October 25, 2007  

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Barrier develops, manufactures, and markets proprietary fire resistant building materials designed to help protect people and property from the destruction of fire. Barrier's award-winning BlazeguardĀ® structural wood panels exceed International Building Code requirements in every targeted fire test and application. BlazeguardĀ® is coated with Barrier's patented, non-toxic, non-combustible Pyrotite formulation, which releases water when exposed to the heat of fire.