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26 September 2007

10 things your insurance may not cover...

MSN Money recently posted an article to raise awareness of a few items your homeowners insurance may not cover. Are you at risk? Are there other precautions you need to take to protect yourself?

The top ten items that may not be covered by a typical homeowners policy:

1. Mold and water damage - huge increases in mold related claims in Texas, California, Florida, Nevada, and Arizona have led insurers to eliminate or reduce their exposure - most exclude mold from coverage and limit how much they'll cover for water damage.

2. Sewer Backup - typically you need a special rider to cover.
3. War, nuclear accidents and terrorism - riots damage, typically covered - damage from invading army or terriorist, typically not.
4. Natural disasters - wildfire in developed area, typically covered. Wildfire and property located remotely - or if you choose to live in an area more prone to natural disaster - the more reluctant insurers will be to cover you.
5. Neglect - you are expected to deal with maintenance issues - damage from termites, rodents, or an on-going water leak typically won't be covered.
6. Trampolines - most won't cover and some may drop your coverage if you have one.
7. Dogs -depending upon breed, coverage and cost range.
8. Intentional Damage - someone not related to you sets fire to your house, typically covered. Someone related to you sets fire to your house, typically not covered.
9. Computer equipment - personal computers, typically covered up to certain levels. Home business computer equipment, may not be covered.
10. Luxury items and collectibles - antiques, guns, jewelry, collectibles, fine furs - you may need supplemental coverage.

Barrier prides itself in developing, manufacturing, and selling products that protect people and property. Blazeguard Fire-Rated Sheathing can be used in roof and wall applications to protect you and your property from the threat of fire. Blazeguard Fire-Retardant Paint is designed to be used in hallways and ceilings to protect you and your property from the threat of fire. Mycoguard is designed and extremely effective for the prevention mold growth and is also ideal for remediation of mold issues.

At least three of the top 10 things insurers may not cover can be further addressed with products Barrier offers. Give us a call...Fire-rated sheathing, town homes, multi-family construction, housing market, small cap, otcbb, ibtgf, barrier, blazeguard, mycoguard, fire-rated paint, intumescent paint, mold, mildew, fire-retardant plywood, frt, sips, structurally insulative panels, fire-rated wall assemblies, commercial modular, modular home construction, green building products, LEED,


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Barrier develops, manufactures, and markets proprietary fire resistant building materials designed to help protect people and property from the destruction of fire. Barrier's award-winning BlazeguardĀ® structural wood panels exceed International Building Code requirements in every targeted fire test and application. BlazeguardĀ® is coated with Barrier's patented, non-toxic, non-combustible Pyrotite formulation, which releases water when exposed to the heat of fire.