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02 March 2007

China Stock Market Plunge...not alarming to housing economists

Multi-Housing News published an article yesterday sharing that housing and financing industry economists don’t think that the plunge in the China stock market will trigger major consequences in the residential real estate market.

The MBA (mortgage banking) isn’t changing its prediction for smooth sailing in both the economy and housing markets for 2007. Also, the Vice-President of Freddie Mac commented that the stock market fall off is unlikely to continue and it’s improbable that the economy will be hugely impacted.

The recent positive mood of the economists obviously wasn’t shaken a bit. This kind of positive feeling spreads in a welcome upward spiral. We anticipate a good recovery in the home building market.


Blogger Swedewannabe said...

I was wondering if the item discussed in the second half of the quote below is a primary competitor of yours... I'm a member of the sierra club and this is their MN "legislative update". If so, that bodes very, very well for IBTGF!

The House Environment committee also heard a bill that would adopt an
electronic waste recycling program in Minnesota, as well as a bill that
would ban a series of fire retardant chemicals known as polybrominated
diphenyl ethers, which have been linked to developmental disabilities

4:11 PM, March 06, 2007  
Blogger Barrier said...

These chemicals are currently used in some circuit board manufacture, but are being phased out. In the past, they were used in textiles where some fire retardancy was desired. We don't think these chemicals have been used in that fashion for some time.

Due to their past common use in electronics, we should all be careful of how we dispose of any solid state equipment.

1:35 PM, March 08, 2007  

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