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31 March 2011

2011 World of Modular Show - Las Vegas, NV

Barrier's President, Dr. Michael Huddy, participated with Mule-Hide Products and ABC Supply Co. at the 2011 World of Modular show March 12th-15th in Las Vegas. Mike served as a technical advisor and support for the Mule-Hide FR Deck Panel that Barrier manufactures. The show was well attended this year by the owners, presidents, and decision makers of leading modular manufacturers. This provided a great opportunity for Dr. Huddy to help showcase the FR Deck Panel as an optimal solution for Class A and Class C flame spread requirements coupled with the wind-uplift resistance needed for commercial modular roof applications. The FR Deck Panel is also available on a Formosan Termite resistant panel for potential use in modular construction for relief efforts that require termite resistance on incoming construction (ex. Haiti, Venezuela, and Japan.) Barrier sales volumes of the FR Deck Panel are up 10% so far this fiscal year (Jul 2010 - Feb 2011) over the same time last year. We look forward to continued success in this market.

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Barrier develops, manufactures, and markets proprietary fire resistant building materials designed to help protect people and property from the destruction of fire. Barrier's award-winning Blazeguard® structural wood panels exceed International Building Code requirements in every targeted fire test and application. Blazeguard® is coated with Barrier's patented, non-toxic, non-combustible Pyrotite formulation, which releases water when exposed to the heat of fire.